Domestic Plans ・国内旅行の予定

I've been to Japan 4 times already but mostly stayed in the Tokyo Metropolitan area for all this time, except for a short 3-day trip I took to Hiroshima in 2011. During my student exchange of a year, having school during the week prevented us from really travelling too far. Of course, we did have the spring holidays (February and march) off before the next school year started in April, but without plans previously made, I only went to Hiroshima, and was then hit with the Tohoku tsunami and earthquake that let us sit at the dormitory worrying.
So, what is left to see that I'd like to visit ? So many places, so many things to see. I would love to move to the Kanto area when I go there because I am familiar with the area, but Japan is so accessible when it comes to easy travel for even short trips that I could not stay there without adding more to my visit plans every day.  So what are the plans ?


I've been asked what I would like to see or visit in Japan next. Most of the places I would love to visit are up north from Tokyo, since I am totally averse to warm or hot temperatures and will try to avoid them at all costs (you'll tell me Tokyo is super hot in the summer ? I know. I will have so many regrets) Even though ! Two of my first places to visit are a little south-west.


Gudetama Cafe, Osaka. ・「ぐでたまカフェ」大阪

Of course, with the pictures I've posted of my goods, you bet I'll go and try the Gudetama Cafe ! Of course, it will be a good excuse to visit Osaka as well. I believe the first Gudetama Cafe opened in Hong Kong before and is now open in Osaka as well ! It does not seem to be much more expensive than other types of themed cafes in Japan, and how cute is the place too ?! It will be a good place to go sit and be gude, and eat tama(go) ! It seems very close to Osaka station, so it's a perfect stop for everyone visiting ! 

Of course, while being in Osaka, I'll go and try their takoyaki(たこ焼き, octopus batter balls)and kushikatsu. (串カツ, fried skewers).

Gudetama Cafe - 5-15 Kadudacho, Kita-ku, Hep Five 7F
530-0017, Osaka
5-15角田町北区、Hep Five7F 大阪


Kyoto Fashion Institute Museum ・京都服飾研究財団美術館

Back in Fashion design College, most of my colleagues got their collection book series from Taschen, but since their beautiful collectible package was close to 130$ back then, I have never gotten my hands on a copy. I still viewed it many times, and always thought, already being interested in Japan back then, that I'd go and visit the real institute one day. So I would love to go see their museum, and go pick a copy of their famous fashion books at the same time. They have extensive historical clothing collection and exhibitions and collaborated with many museums around the world to present various important collections through the years. A lot of people claim the wards of Tokyo might be one of the most influential places to get fashion inspiration from and where new styles emerge but the Kyoto Fashion Institute is definitely where it's reported and kept at. It also seems it's easy to access at one local train station from Kyoto Station. What a nice occasion to dress up nicely too ! 

picture : Couture USA
Kyoto Fashion Institute
103 Shichi-jo Goshonouchi Minami-machi
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8864


Aomori to Hakodate Ferry and local visits ・青森から函館までフェリー

Here is my trip up north ! I would like to see other places as well such as Niigata or Nagano prefecture for their winter, onsen, and warm food too, but I think the Aomori/Hakodate ferry trip is a nice experience to take. It's like a cheap and short cruise over a cold ocean ! How nice. I would like to go in November when it starts to get cold, but before the crazy Christmas time with tourists. The food and nature there seems incredible as well. The seafood must be the best ! Also, let's not forget to go for a good Jingisukan (grilled mutton, done similar to yakiniku) pot once in Hokkaido ! I believe it is really a trip I want to take. (Also a good excuse to take the shinkansen up to Aomori !)

Jingisukan, Grilled mutton pot famous in Hokkaido.

Information on the cruise and reservations are available at
(English available)


Morioka, Iwate Prefecture ・盛岡市 岩手県

Iwate prefecture is very large, and there are so many things to do, but if you have to take a short trip to experience a lot of things, I think Morioka city would be a good choice ! It is easy access with the Akita Shinkansen (accessible from Tokyo station). Still up north, it's a good place to visit in winter for the nice sceneries ! There are many cultural places to visit, but an interesting one is Morioka's Handy-Work Square. It's a center that offers classes and activities where you can make special crafts and food from the region yourself, or visit their exhibition center. You can do pottery, bamboo work, traditional toys or cook manju or senbei ! The price is anywhere from 500 yen to 2500 yen for one class. In the city's vicitiny there are many temples and outside activities, as well as an onsen facility on the border of a beautiful lake, the Tsunagi Hot Springs. There you relax, try wanko soba or jajamen noodles to have a taste of the region ! It seems like a nice peaceful trip. 

89 Tateichi Tsunagi, Morioka City, Iwate


Of course , these are only a few of the many places I want to go once I'm in Japan. Time and budget will tell me where I'll go next ! Of course I want to see the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, climb Mount Fuji as a personal challenge, go see the volcanos in Kagoshima, etc... ! I hope I have made you curious of all the things that you can do in all prefectures of Japan, and not just in its big cities like Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo. What would you like to see ? Let me know in the comments ! 



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