Everything went better than expected

I had a very good day today. A first very good, honestly good, since a good long while. I really had to physically move myself to do things, but I did it, and very well if I do say so myself.

I had planned to wake up early yesterday so I could finish last week's readings for my class, as well as read the texts for this week to be ready for tuesday. I'm glad I'm only having this one class as a start-up to start school again, because I know myself, and it does proves difficult to motivate myself to not be a procrastinator ! I think I'm doing well now. Sadly, as I thought, yesterday I didn't do any readings. I woke up early and went on the search for a new laptop, in order to get the programs and nice working computer I need to work on. So after going to three stores, I decided to get a Lenovo laptop with touch screen and transforms-as-a-tablet style.

So far I like it ! I heard many people complaining about Windows 8.1 because it is kind of optimized for tablet devices, but since I mainly use the Desktop only for Internet or school word such as using the Office programs, it doesn't bother me at all right now. I even could send some resumes out this week-end.... 9 of them ! I'm really motivated to find a new job now. Not only do I need to get away from the atmosphere of my current job along with the people I cannot get along with, I also need some fresh air, and also a bit more money (we have to be honest with ourselves). I hope I get some calls back ! Hopefully by the end of the semester, I'll be out of there.... 

Today, I could stay in bed a little more, even though I have been woken up by my dry cough and sutffy nose.... I took my warm coffee, and attacked the pile of dishes that have been there for .... Well let's say an embarrassing long time. And I ended up cleaning them all, and cleaning the kitchen as well ! It feels really great to finally see the bottom of the sink (yes it's been that long). I felt really proud as well, so it motivated me to continue on my good day ! I sat down and could get through all my readings, it even was quite early still !

So since we are organizing a meeting for Valentine's Day on febuary 14th with some lolitas,
I started crafting for my outfit ! 

It's quite the unusual color for me, but I had to go with red ! I hope my dress comes in very soon. I'm not sure to wear it but I need options ! We are supposed to go to this place where they offer varieties of hot chocolate as well as some pâtisseries and crêpes, but I hope we get to go in ! Valentine's Day is a busy day for them, and they don't take reservations, so we'll have to cross our fingers to get our group of 15 in there ! Hopefully there will be no problem. 

Speaking of lolita, I am excited to see Moitie's new collection ! The GLB will come out only in febuary, but Mana posted a sneak peak on his Twitter not too long ago, when he went to the photoshoot for the GLB. He was wearing what looks like the next "series", a kind of silky fabric monochrome roses print. I will most likely not be able to afford it, but for the last couple years I always end up really liking the design and print of the flowery/cuter series. I usually end up selling them however, because it is in fact too cute for me to be comfortable wearing out casually, so I will do my best to resist the temptation. Maybe some nice accessories will come out as well ! As for the EGA collection well, I,m usually always impressed by the designs. I don't know if I'll get anything this time around ! I will probably post images on here when it comes out as soon as I can find them ! 

Right now, my focus is on trying to find a new job, so I can stop worrying about my finances so much. And since I have plans to maybe go back to school full time next year (**maybe**) and also to save up for future projects, so I will really have to control my shopping urges..... We'll see how that goes ! 


School and future plans

The "new year" feeling has started to settle down now, and it's time to just go on and see what's coming up !

About my computer story, I sadly had to harass the people at the company to know what was going on with my order, as I have not received news from my purshase.... That I will eventually very soon need for school work. Thankfully the kind customer service assured me my order is being worked on, so I should receive it soon... I hope. I need my pictures, my webcam, my fast computer ! Slave to technology here, stuck with a 2007 laptop for god knows how many days.....

Following my blonde hair picture, after pondering if I should continue frying my hair with chemicals for the sake of the sexy blonde bomb with red lipstick, I went back to my origins with my favorite look... Black !


Good news is the red lipstick trick will still work ! It just feels more natural for me to have dark hair, and I just like how I can easily wear any color of eyeshadow. (Not that blondes can't do that ! It's just not for my blonde self to wear colorful eyeshadow... Too much color just feels overwhelming on me) So I'll probably keep the black for a while now, as it will stay prettier longer, and make my hair less of a messy hay stack. 


Today I'm trying to clean. Getting motivated is my biggest issue these days, as it seems during the holidays it's been rough, and everything just piled up, made me tired and depressed, so everything pretty much stayed in the horrible mess that it got into before christmas (yes, it's been that long). I seems the clutter keeps me from doing much. My mind is cluttered as well, so feeling overwhelmed with cleaning sure doesn't help. I could organize my closet and desk quite well last week, so now I have to attack the actual cleaning. I also have to do my homework because yes, 

this week, I started school ! 

I started a B.A. in East Asian Studies and History (double major kind of thing I think ?) in 2009, but I was already unsure of finishing the program when a student strike happened and pushed me to abandon all classes in 2012. After that, since I was also experimenting feelings of depression after coming back to Canada after spending one year in Japan, I didn't go back to school when it started again. I put my studies in hiatus until I didn't know when... And it's now ! I have however changed my program for a major, and having credits already counting in my two first years of studies, I have two classes to go through to get a diploma. So this semester I'm taking one class, as a part-time student in the evening (As I still have to work full time). 

I am very unsure of what I will do next. I wanted to start slowly, as I am unsure of how I will be able to deal with school again, and that going back full time is definitely not possible right now and I would have to seriously search for resolving problems keeping me from going back full time. For now my goal is to focus on doing these two classes (possibly the second one this summer, or next fall semester), and then proceed to see what I want to do. I have some options, but I am considering going to see a school conselor to see and understand my options better and judge from there. 

I am also thinking very seriously and intensely about going back to Japan these days. Since I'm going back to school for this purpose (kind of), I really think about what I should do next to facilitate my entry in Japan and go towards my dream of going there for an extended period of time. I need to think about it carefully.... And also find a new job in the meantime, to be able to save money to be able to leave. Right now my job will not allow me to save any money (not enough to ever leave next year, anyways). I hope it goes well. 

I will keep working on my school work and job search, and hopefully I can talk to you from my new updated laptop soon ! 


New Year - New All

So. December 24th, I come home in the hope of spending a nice evening on the computer watching videos and spend time relaxing.

But no. 

My laptop died that night. Just as I was trying to open it, it gave me a black screen, no boot, and a beeping of death. I almost started crying, as my computer is the only real source of entertainment I have at home. Also, thinking I would have to try and fix it (or pay to have it fixed) scared me.

So long story short, this out of warranty 2011 laptop is not worth fixing. So I just got myself a new laptop !

It's a big investment that I didn't quite have the funds for available right now, but thanks to installments I will be able to have a machine that will allow me to work for school and surf efficiently on the internet.

Since christmas I have been on an old laptop of mine from 2007 that (thank god) worked when I plugged it back in and accepted my internet against its will so I can now at least access internet and do basic work. It seems I might have to adjust to the new Windows 8 interface with the tablet looking working system, but I sure hope it will only be a story of getting used to it. I hope I can get my money worth of this new baby ! Hopefully too, I will be able to ask the computer repair shop close to home to take out my hard drive from the dead laptop so I can access my data and documents back. I hope it will do the trick ! It will be a good occasion to clean the unnecessary stuff out. I'm excited but still a little bummed out that I lost my laptop and needed to shed out a bunch of money for a new one at this time of year.....


I've also been blonde since two weeks, after having royal blue hair for around two months before christmas. I had in mind of keeping the blonde for a while, but it shows too hard to keep up (I already have pretty obvious roots showing, and my hair is severely damaged...) so I am currently wondering what color I should go to, to finally keep it that way. 


I currently hesitate between dying my hair a color closest to my natural hair color (ashy pale brown) and let it grow, or go back to black/very very dark brown, but I know this is hard to take off/grow out. It's sad because I actually really enjoyed how this pale color looked on me ! 


And finally, next week (well, in a few days), I'll go through a major step ! I'm going back to school ..... ! 

It's making me really nervous, I can't lie. I hope my exhaustion from work will not get in the way of me trying to finish what I started back in 2009. I'm trying to finish classes of my East Asian Studies major ! I'm not too sure if I'll keep going after that to complete a B.A. or if I will just be satisfied with my major finally being over with, but I will see this closer to next year when I am over with the two classes I have to do. I will be going to school part time in the evenings (this semester one class a week) because I doubt I would be able to deal with more, after 40 hours of full time work. I hope it will go well ! 


I'm trying my best to start the year on a good note, even though the holiday season has been rough on me. I'm currently a little sick, but it will soon be back on track after this week-end I think. I even cheered myself up this week with an absolutely compulsive buy of a dream dress of mine I have been looking for forever, found for quite a low price on Lacemarket ! It's this gorgeous Moi-même-moitié onepiece <3 

(picture isn't mine. Source here !) 

I hope the arms are a little forgiving, but apart from that, I think it will be lovely, with the chiffon tiers of the skirt <3 I kept seeing this dress on auction or resale websites in black with white lace on the bust, so I'm glad I could find it in black now. I can never get enough of Moitie ~ 

PS : I posted my wardrobe on EGL Community for January's theme ! Check it out !

Well, I hope everyone had some great first weeks of 2015 !