ILD - Sainte-Dolores Lolita Tea Party

Yesterday was my community's Lolita Day. Each year we celebrate for ILD and we organize activities such as going for tea, or renting a room for activities. This year, the organisators rented a room for tea at the Fairmount Reine Elizabeth hotel downtown Montreal so we could have our own place to be all together. We were a little over 40 people I believe, and it was nice, relax, and fun.

日曜日に私の市のロリータグループが集めていました。毎年International Lolita Dayを楽しんで、Tea Partyやどこか行く予定があるので、今年ReineElizabethホーテルへ皆でいきました。40人ぐらいいましたわ!

I had my friend over in the morning, because since she isn't a lolita, she asked me to dress up her and make her all dolled up to join us ! I always like doing this it's very fun hehe So I woke up early so I could be ready by the time she would be here, and we got ready in record time !


It was a very beautiful and sunny day, and contrary to what the forecasts were saying, not too hot ! I was glad because everyone knows how much it's a pain to be so dressed up in a very hot weather and trying to stay cute all day. So this year, I went with a very new "style". I had seen the very cute straw hat by Moi-même-moitie a long time ago, and it was so beautiful, but totally not fitting my style at the time which was more gothic lolita with feathery headresses and more classic gothic looking coordinates, but I decided what better for summer than a little straw hat to make a cute spring summer coordinate ! So I went and made an outfit with the hat, flowers, short socks and sandals !

2月の時に小さいMoi meme moitieハット買って、ILDにこれを着たいとおもいました。だから、夏のようなゴシック感じなコジェネートから準備しました。可愛いに出来たとおもいますわ!

Straw Hat : Moi-même-moitié
Necklace : Moi-même-moitié
Parasol : Moi-même-moitié
Bag : Moi-même-moitié
Dress : Moi-même-moitié
Cutsew : Offbrand
Socks : Tutuanna
Sandals (not shown) : Offbrand 

I had bought a new Innocent World dress for cheap recently as well, and it did fit my friend's personality and style very well, so that's what I suggested she wore ! 

友達が私を買ったドレスを着て、全然可愛いに!イノセントワールドのJSKとAnna Sui 靴がとても似合うでしょう!

Look at that smile ! 

She was wearing one of my offbrand shirts, an Innocent World dress, a Moi-même-moitie Headdress and Anna Sui shoes along with a cute brooch that she got from a Canadian Lolita that handmade it ! She's also kind of new to having long hair as two years ago she had quite very short hair and decided to let them grow, so she doesn't often style it in more elaborate hairstyles so it was fun to try and do this little braid up-do on her ! I think it suited her a lot :) I also did a small make-up so it wouldn't hide her eyes in her glasses to much. She definitely blended with all the other lolitas ! 
And here is my outfit !


It was totally new for me to show so much skin as I am totally not comfortable with my body at all, but it was worth how comfortable, not too warm and not hurting I felt in the heat, walking all day and being in the sun. So it was worth it. I think I pulled out the cute country gothic quite well if I do say so myself ! 


We had a small game to play at first to know the newer lolitas of the community and get to talk to each other a bit before all sitting down at separate tables. But since I'm not the social bee, I just stayed calmly at my chair and tried to fill in the blanks of the questionnaire with my table-squad (haha). The tea was quite good, and the food alright. Since I had tea at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, I have trouble enjoying the dryness of the usual scones and plain sandwiches offered at usual tea salons here. And since I'm not a tea fan either.... 

I also could take time to take some pictures of the details of our community ! I had been inspired by the "Details of La Vie En Rose" posted on blogs earlier this year when the event in Europe occured. Here they are ! 

It was very strange as this year, me and very few of the lolitas I knew from years ago when the community started to grow, basically our "first generation" lolitas, were present, and most of the attendees were newer girls that came into the community one or two years ago. A lot of the community left because girls left the fashion, and the few left are separated by some conflicts of interests it seems, so some of them didn't come to the party this year. Well, they missed the fun ! 

We also had the organisators make a game of Cards Against Lolitas, so we played for the rest of the tea party and we had much fun with it. 

yes. that says "Twinning with Nicolas Cage"

After the tea, we left the group, me and my friends to go meet my friend's boyfriend at another station so we could go have dinner. I had never met my friend's boyfriend has he just arrived from Japan to come be with her in Canada, but he's nice ! He doesn't like lolita, but he dealt with us getting looks just fine ahaha... I promised him next time we would see each others I would look "like that". We had a little trouble deciding what to go eat, but since he wanted to go for burgers, we opted for an irish pub and boy did we have some good food !!! I opted for a curry poutine with grilled chicken, and dear lord was it delicious. The curry sauce was divine and just spicy enough ! It made the perfect match to the crispy fries... Ahaha 

Everyone's burger looked very good as well ! A very nice filling dinner after this long day of wearing small clothes and itchy wigs ahaha. After that we all went our separate ways and I came back home with my friend so she could drop my clothes and go home for the night. We are going to see each other soon anyways at her home warming party in two weeks ! 

She has moved to a new apartment, so we go and see how she decorated and made her little new nest comfortable for herself. I'm excited too see ! I know she has good taste. As for myself, I'm currently eyeing many products on the IKEA website and I might start to re decorate and furnish my place a little more during the summer. I'll be sure to show you the progress !