New life

... Well, almost !

I have been busy lately, since I have school work, extra school work to do like interviewing people for a document, also work, and other things that just made me too tired or motivated to write with Lolita Blog Carnival these last days. I had trouble siting down and writing my thoughts on the last topics because they were hard for me to explain as well, so I hope I can participate again soon.

First good news, (best news !) is that.... I am FINALLY. QUITTING. MY JOB.

I have been wanting to quit my job for two years, and *dreaming* about quitting for one year, and the time is two weeks from now. The even better news, is that I do have another job lined up ! I'm so happy. Beyond thrilled even. Just the thought of not going to this job anymore fills me with joy. I already feel much more confident with myself. It might seem like a small thing, but after almost 9 years working in restaurants, and about 3 of them full time, I'm finally going into something else. Something better.

I found a job as a call-center agent for customer service. Not the most glamorous job in the world, but definitely well O.K. It might seem absolutely vain of me to say, but you can't imagine what it is to just finally be able to go to work dressed how you want with the clothes you like, that aren't dirty and smelling of fat, wearing nail polish and having nice hands, having clean hair and doing it nice, wearing my piercings, and generally be myself on a daily basis. Also, being in a normally heated and conditioned room all year long ! (No more 45°C kitchen in the midst of summer ! *happy tears* ) That also means putting to profit all these dresses that are staying in my wardrobe, untouched, collecting dust.

My superiror at work seems very nice as well, from when I saw her and talked to her by e-mail, and the company seems very well organized, something I like and need. So I'm extremely excited of this new job !!! I'm starting on april 13th, and I cannot wait.

Also, in a month I'm going to Toronto ! Very excited !


Busy - Treat Yourself

In the past week and a half, I have been quite busy. It's the time of the year for taxes, so I have been running around to find papers, post things, write forms and do other adult things.

I had an exam in school as well, but I didn't really study much for it. As much as I would have liked to do so, I never really got a good studying technique during my decades in school, and cannot for the life of me find the concentration necessary to sit down and study. So even though I totaled about 45 minutes of studying, my exam went not too bad, and I think (and hope) I will have an O.K. note on it.

And since I was also worried about my money, I decided to go ahead and clean out my closet a little, so I can stop feeling bad about these dresses that don't fit me anymore and hang there, unworn and unused. So I sold many, and I could finally breathe ! In my clothes, and in my wallet (ahaha).

So, since I received the money from my sales, I could finally buy some things I actually really needed for a while, like shoes for work, and other items I had put off buying because I didn't handle money too good.

I also could treat myself with some extra money !

With excitement, when I went to the mall to get some necessary things, I discovered they recently opened a Bath&Body Works ! I heard from it a lot from people on blogs or Youtube, and they seemed to have nice stuff ! I wandered around into the very perfumy aisles of the shop with way too much bright colors destroying my pupils and was searching for nice smelling blue bottled products that wouldn't be "Hawaï Beach" type smell. (That's not very dark, you know what I mean) So I finally found out the Moonlight Path series (how lovely !) that looked beautiful, in deep blue and purple with nice blue flowers on it, and it also smelled wonderful. (What I'm saying is that you can sell something to me easier if it's blue. To all you marketing people out there) So since they had a promotion to get 3 small products free with a purchase of 10$ or more, I got the large body shea butter lotion, and got the three other products from the same series free ! They have some other ones, but they weren't available in small version, or they were too expensive. But I might go back ! I'm glad they had these nice products in such nice packaging that satisfied my disgusting blue exclusive obsession <3 

I'm so obsessed and segregationist over the blue color that I will try and eliminate every single pink/red color thing in my house and will try and search for a blue option/blue packaging if at all possible. I'm that anal about it. It even goes down to buying men disposable razors because they are blue, buying the kind of shampoo that has the blue details on it, the blue tissue boxes, etc..... If it can all be blue, I'll be happy. No pink in my house !!!! 

This is my bathroom (part of it !) Of course, I can't avoid all things pink or "other" colored items in life, so if I really got no choice, I'll get it.... And hide it. Ahahaha. My favorite perfume is Dahlia Noir by Givenchy, and the packaging is pink.... So I hid it in the cabinet. My blue, white and black house just makes me so happy. The blue only look makes me so calm and serene. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something. (ahaha). 

Anyways, enough with my fixation on blue.... For treating myself to nice things just a little more, I also went for a massage today ! It was my first experience ever, so I was a little nervous, but it was definitely worth it and I recommend it if you can save up for it ! It's really nice, relaxing and helps with some pain also (I have leg pain and it did help a bit !) I will go get another one if I ever can afford it once more ! 

And finally.... I had thought about going to RuffleCon in the fall in NY, but plans failed and proved to be too expensive and too big for me to go, so I let the idea go. But one of my friends started talking about going to shop in Toronto for a week-end ! So we quickly grew excited, started checking places to stay, buses to go, and now we have our trip planned ! I'm really excited ! 

We found a really cute place to stay at for our week-end trip ! It has a cute loft bed as well and is conveniently located downtown Toronto ! I can't wait :) Shopping, being away from home, eating out, seeing new places.... ! I can't wait for may. 

So overall, I got some things done, treated myself, and planned things a lot ! I also bought new Moitie, but I won't be able to show you for a while since I'm keeping my outfit secret for our june meet in my comm ! 

This week too I'll be posting for Lolita Blog Carnival, so keep your eyes open :) 


Lolita Blog Carnival - Favorite Lolita Hairstyles

Finally, it's the month of march ! Spring is approaching, so hopefully, we can soon talk about more summery themes to try and forget this absolute freezing cold weather we've been living in for so long now. Sadly, the theme this week is not spring related. We're talking about hair !