Lolita Blog Carnival - Spring inspired coordinate

The warm weather is fast approaching and us lolitas will have to soon put aside our velvets and fake fur accessories in order to put up our seasonal accessories such as flowers, cute hats and lighter fabric dresses. For some people, depending on their country, spring is either short or long, or even cold ! Here in Canada, spring is always indecisive, and usually starts in may, after the cold nights have finally made their goodbyes. So this week we create spring inspired coordinates, so hopefully the good days come to us quicker !

We often associate spring with pastel colors, flowery patterns and shiny accessories, but as a Gothic Lolita, it can be a little more of a challenge to make a spring coordinate with all black clothes, so you have to get a little inspiration from the weather and activities you might take part in during the spring. For this reason, I kept all my items black anyways, but did my best for a light spring coordinate ! 

Stole : Moi-même-moitié
Dress : Moi-même-moitié
Brooch : Moi-même-moitié
Hair accessory : Moi-même-moitié
Bag : Moi-même-moitié
Handkerchief : Moi-même-moitie
Tights : Tutuanna 

I went with light fabrics, and yes, I still incorporated flowers ! I took in consideration that we still sometimes have brisk light wind in may so even though I chose a short sleeve dress, I covered my upper arms and shoulders with a light stole. It also makes the outfit elegant for an early spring picnic ! I also chose to go with light tights that could be worn with cute closed toes shoes or even maybe sandals ! Of course I added my precious handkerchief in case the afternoon gets really hot and you need to keep your face from melting ! Very important when you wear pale foundation *wink* 

You can check other ideas for spring coordinates in other styles as well, for other precious ladies participating in Lolita Blog Carnival this week ! 

Have a great day angels !


Treat Yourself - Candy Nail Bar

Hi ! I hope everyone is having a great day. 

Since I'm starting at my new job on monday, I celebrated today by going to get a manicure ! It was my first experience ever, as I could never have justified putting money on professional nail services before, as I was working in a kitchen and any type of nail polish was forbidden. But since now I can wear nail polish (as well as have colors in my hair and wear my piercings !) I took an appointment at a famous girly nail salon in town, the Candy Nail Bar

They're known for their very cute decoration, girly atmosphere, and amazing 3D nail art professionals, but since my nails are coming out from years of abuse (ahaha) I just wanted a simple manicure to set them on the road to recovery, so I can maybe later get more detailed gel nails or extravagant designs. 

I arrived at the opening at 10 am, after walking outside in the freezing cold. What is this weather ? It's been yo-yo-ing for the past days between 5~8°C in the afternoon to -2~3°C in the morning, and today was rather freezing, with a brisk wind that just bit at your face. I sat down and admired the cute salon and took pictures ! 

Pink, black, zebra, chandeliers and poofy pink cushions ! 

It was my first manicure experience ever, so I was quite nervous. I was met by my nail artist, who asked me to pick a color on their rack on the wall. I went for a very dark cool grey almost black turquoise swamp color... ? I didn't want simple black, nor blue, because it often won't match up my outfits (and that's important), so I looked at the greys and that one got my attention because of it's subtle but very nice color. The nail tech didn't talk much during the process, but that's totally alright for me, because I'm not too much into talking to the professional (would it be hairdresser or else) during their work. Overall, I was very satisfied, as the service was quick, efficient, well done and comfortable. 

The only complaint I would have, is that when I took a reservation by phone, I was asked if I wanted to have designs on my nails (polish designs, not 3D or anything) and I had said yes, so the lady on the phone put me with a nail artist that could do that for me, but once the nail application process was done, she quickly said "Ok well, it's done thank you !" and proceeded to take her stuff, without even asking me how I thought the end result was, or if I even wanted any designs. I am not a complainer, and I didn't pay extra for the designs, so I just didn't say anything, but I would have thought she wouldn't end on such an abrupt note and going to the next client so fast. I'm not sure I'll pay again for a professional application of just nail polish (because it does add up quickly), but it was nice to have a treatment for one time. If I had to have another service done another time, maybe I'd look into other salons. Overall, it was very nice though ! 

I'm sorry my hands look so oily, it was the massage lotion ! 
You can't see the color too well either on that one... Anyways ! 

Also, today, for the second time I went for my darling Kat Von D studded lipstick in Poe, and I'm just in love with it. It's such a gorgeous color, and doesn't make a block of color like a black lipstick would, I adore it. 

Have a nice day ! 


Lolita Blog Carnival - Two Budget / Two Coordinates

You know when you start in lolita fashion, you usually don't have much money to spend on brand, much experience to go through shopping services, or maybe you are young and god knows your parents wouldn't allow you to spend that much money on just clothes. So this week, with Lolita Blog Carnival, we had an interesting challenge ! Making a low budget coordinate, and a higher expensive budget coordinate.


Summer clothing haul !

I'm in a in-between jobs week off holiday right now, and since summer is approaching, I find myself with nothing to wear. At least, nothing too comfortable when it's really hot, as well as no comfortable shoes or sandals, so I'm stuck with some gothic lolita polyester to survive the summer, and that won't do.

So yesterday I decided to go shopping ! I treated myself quite a lot, but I'm so glad of what I got ! I can't wait to wear it out.

I woke up early, and ended up shopping from 10 to 2:30 until I couldn't feel my feet. I got through all the main shops I wanted to go to, and found most of what I need. This is what I got !

No sleeve mesh-y cardigan with hood
Black star print tank top 
One pair of leather look leggings
One other pair of leggings
Cute sandals
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe 

I'm glad I can still find items in my size in regular shops. With shopping today with most items being stretchy comfortable clothes, I kind of finally had this feeling of ease with myself. What I mean is that I usually constantly chose clothes that would hide my upper arms, my legs, my belly, or wouldn't be too plunging at the front, because I didn't want people to see my body. But strangely enough, today, I saw my arms, and my belly (especially in the polka dot dress) and I just thought : Who cares ? It's summer, I'm hot and I need comfortable clothes. If I'm comfortable and happy, I'll look cute as hell. So I bought it, because I liked it a lot. Yes I have rolls. They are there. Of course I wish they weren't as present, but hey, for now they are there and I don't have to hide them. If you want me to hide them you can go fuck yourself. <3 with love

What I saw in most of the shops I went to today, is that this summer, a lot of the fashion has two major trends going on. Very structured, stiff look fabrics, athletic mesh, used in many ways such as dresses, or tops, along with black, white, grey, or navy colors, which reminds me of some "health goth" like the line Alexander Wang did in collaboration with H&M last year. I also saw a lot of romantic chic hippy style with a lot of fringes, lace, some suede and florals.... It's an interesting mix to see these two styles being ~en vogue~ this summer.

I think overall I'll need some more leggings or some shorts or capri pants, since I hate chaffing with my thighs (TMI ? well reality guys !) so I'll need this, and maybe one other pair of comfortable shoes. But I'm so glad I got all this today ! 

I recently also cut my hair that was starting to loose its cut, so I went with a rounded (concave style, round going up) fringe with chin length bangs reminiscent of the old-school lolita hime-cut. I was looking at a lot of videos and pictures of Aya Sato and Bambi recently, and it inspired me to cut my hair in this style. 

Also, as a last little thing, I went to celebrate with some friends on thursday since I quit my job, and after having a small dinner (of delicious poutine and shredded pork tacos ! It was delicious) we went back to the subway, and on our way we saw this candy shop, and we had to go inside. I took a while to decide what to try, they had so many specialties ! 

I went out with two choices. A Green tea, sencha flavored milk chocolate, and a dark chocolate infused with violet flavor. At first taste, the green tea one doesn't give too much tea flavor, and is more of a little texture with the tea, but has a very slight after taste of the tea. I think it was too subtle for my taste... I liked the violet chocolate though ! There was no pieces of violet inside, but it was definitely present as a flavor, and as smell too, as you ate it ! It had a feeling on the tongue that was soft like petals, very yummy ! Ahahah, I love eating chocolate.... 

I don't like summer too much, but I'm excited to wear my new clothes out. I'm soon going to Toronto as well for more shopping, so I'll have more to tell soon ! 



Lolita Blog Carnival - How would you re-do your wardrobe ?

Looking at my wardrobe today, I certainly came from far if I think back of my beginnings, and I am confident in my current collection, more and more reflecting my true style and inspiration. I often thought about dresses that went away during my collecting years, or the ones I saw slip away when I couldn't afford it. But I am overall satisfied of what I own today, and I am better aware of the direction I want to take concerning my closet now. This week's topic on Lolita Blog Carnival, was asking the question "How would you re-do your lolita wardrobe ?"