Moving ideas - in the blue

It is moving season here in Quebec, and many people are finding new cute places to set up and decorate as their own as our national moving day, July 1st, is approaching. It seems we are the only place on earth where a major part of the people move on the same day, which makes things easy for some and extremely complicated for others.

I went to help my friend move into her new apartment where she will be living alone for the first time (after leaver her parent's house to live with her boyfriend many years ago) and we started thinking about all the cute things we can buy or DIY to decorate her place ! I love decorating and making a place this special cocoon where I can stay in peace, being the little lonely home lover I am.

This year I decided I would stay at my current apartment, so for the first time in years I will live in the same place for two years in a row ! I like my area (even if traffic is hell) because it is quite quiet, my neighbors in the block are not disturbing at all and my apartment, even if it is missing space for organizing, is nice enough to not bother moving again. But helping my friend move just made me want to move for the sake of decorating again and buying furniture and decor pieces ! I think I will definitely save this year to be able to find a cute place to move next spring and hopefully it will be nice and I can stay there even longer !

I might have shared this with you already but I bought myself a new bed cover set ! When I originally moved here in my studio, I had a twin size bed for one person but my parents offered me a new Queen size bed that is very big ! My old small mattress was all busted so instead of buying a new small one they decided it was about time I'd get my "adult" bed ahaha. But sadly I didn't have money to invest in a nice bed cover at the time and was OK with using my smaller comforter to cover me until I would find a nice one I would like. I wanted one of the magnificent sets from Anthropologie but with their steep prices and the need to buy a comforter to put inside the covers, it made the price even more unfathomable. So I kept searching for this one nice comforter that I would love and I found this one that looks a lot like the Anthropologie ones, on Wayfair ! They have a lot of home decor items, and their price was very good ! So I'm waiting for my nice set this week, and I'm very excited about it. It made me really feel like my room doesn't represent me anymore. 

I had quite a shift in the past six months about my style and a kind of "growing up" feeling. I recently wanted a more minimalist approach to my clothes and space, so it's possible I get rid of stuff or change things around in my place. 

Even just having my precious Mana or Moi dix mois posters around make me feel like I'm still in my teenage room and I think I might put them away (most of them) to only put one or two in frames to hang them. 

There is also one thing I'd like to get out of my chest. 

Pink cute items are easy to find and so many girls have videos or blogs that are like "oh look at my feminine cute room !" with all these nice flowery pink items they got with no trouble anywhere because pink is so feminine of course.

That's just one example of pink items 

I've seen so many youtubers or blogger girls that have these rooms where they buy everything pink, get their household items pink (hair curlers, flat irons, etc...) and that's good for them ! They like pink, and they can get their life as full of pink as they want, this is great and this is not the problem. My problem is regarding people who don't like pink. Like myself. 

I hate pink. I try to avoid it at all costs, as much as I do gold. I have tried countless times in my life to fill my house with blue items (mostly royal blue but also sometimes regular other blue since royal blue reduces my choice even more) but it is often just completely unavailable. Of course I have the black  option most of the time, or white, but why then, is pink an option and not other colors ? It often frustrates me that there are pink toasters or pink flowery throws but not a lot of blue flowery items or other blue things that are as "cute" as the pink ones. Maybe it's because I am also extremely anal about not having pink and gold in my house that I will avoid getting make-up because their packaging has gold on it, or because the smallest details are pink. I won't buy mascara if the bottle is pink. Etc... Which makes everything so complicated ! I think for the future I will stay in the white and black items for my decor, and only getting the easy blue objects such as pillows, throw blankets or other details like this. I hope I can get a nice space that inspires me in the future, with my favorite colors around me. 

part of my bathroom

In fact, I have a second Tumblr account where I post only images of the blue-white-black spectrum because it is a very calming and soothing feeling for me when I see these colors and when I visit this blog. I hope you can give it a check and follow it if you like ! 

click to visit ! 

I hope you enjoy it ! If I end up finding new decor to fill my house with I'll be sure to share ! 



Moi-même-moitie May 2015

Every season, consistently, Moi-même-moitié comes up with new items that are featured in the quarterly volume of the Gothic&Lolita Bible, modeled by Mana. I always await the scans to show up online with impatience because even though I don't buy as much Moitie as I used to, I'm always a big fan of Mana's pictures and curious about the collections. This season has greatly surprised me, as far as styling goes ! I'm really glad of the turn back Mana did with the dark hair and black lipstick look which brings back a more old-school gothic lolita look, which was what brought me into the style years ago. Look at this month's issue ! 

I will not go on with my fangirl emotions and annoy you all, but I will just tell you to expand these pictures to see them well because, girl, let me tell you, it's worth it. 

I must admit that while I adore the overall look of both the EGA and EGL looks, I'm not a fan of the print. It does look alright on the EGA long tunic, but I still think it lacks details, and could have been a little brighter. The design itself also doesn't specifically appeal to me. It is not because of the imagery of an upside-down cross, as this doesn't bother me, the print itself is just not that interesting in my opinion. Let's look at the items ! 

This is the print. They call it "Fall cross". It is basically a faded down print of Jesus on an upside down cross, with a pair of daggers/swords crossing in the back, with what I think are rose petals flying around. It is also not an all around print, just is just placed at different places on the designs for a different effect. 

These are the three designs offered for EGL style. A shorter knee lenght JSK, a long version, and a corseted skirt. All models only come in the specific color shown in the pictures, with a grey print. What I am sad about.... Is the print. I think the JSK design is nice and interesting, versatile, I like how it's asymetrical and not too "cute" as this is what I'm into right now. I like the lacing and the medium volume of the bottom of the JSK. I wish they had made the skirt with only the material part just like the JSK instead of adding the lace, but considering the Cutsew with the lace bust, it does makes sense. 


And these are the two EGA designs, a top and a tunic. I must admit I LOVE the tunic one. If it wasn't for the fact that it wouldn't flatter my round assets and shape, I would have totally spent the money for this piece because I think it looks so nice. The big big collar is also a nice point that I like about the design. The other top is simpler and has a choker attached to it. Both the designs are kind of a re-take of the previous design with the Altar print that was out one or two years ago ? So if I had the choice, I would definitely go with the previous version as I like the print better, even tho I do love the present tunic look a lot more. and then they also had a cutsew, the one Mana is wearing in his EGL picture, and the cute headdress with the upside down cross as well ! 

I do like the headdress a lot, but I have this soft spot for their always perfectly constructed headgear with amazing lace and beautiful flowers and materials so I regret of not owning all of their headdresses in all colors. This headdress is available in all black, black and white, black and blue and all white ! All Moitie colors, of course :) And as of now, only the black/blue and completely blue cutsews are on their website, but I suppose they will also have the black and white one, since Mana has modeled it in the GLB, and maybe a completely black one ? I LOVE the blue one, but I cannot justify buying it for right now. But it's totally gorgeous, it's so rare to have blue tops like that in lolita, I strongly suggest you all to buy it ! 

I will not be buying from this collection as of right now, but as soon as I saw Mana's pictures I immediately put on my dark blue lipstick and fake eyelashes to go to work that day ! I got really excited and inspired <3 I'm so glad Mana did let go of the red or blonde hair for this time, ahahah I was getting bored of it ! I hope he keeps on this gothy way for a while now  ~ hehe 

Anyways, how do you like the new items ? Will you be getting anything ? How do you like Mana's new-old (?) style ? 

As for me, in two weeks, on June 13th will be my community's International Lolita Day event and tea party so I'm excited about this ! I hope my outfit will turn out alright and that it won't be too hot and sunny ! I'll also be dressing my friend up for the occasion, and I love doing this, it's such a nice girls experience. So stay tuned for that in a while ! 



Birthday Week-end

You might have noticed a change in my blog recently ! I'm trying to change the aesthetics of it, but it might continue to change for a while as I try to find what I like best. So don't get too confused ! 

Last week end I had my birthday celebrations a little early, as my birthday is may 20th and fell on a wednesday this year. Two days worth of celebrations ! 

So I just turned 26. I'm always a little apprehensive about birthdays because I don't like doing celebrations for myself. I never thought birthdays were something much important, but it's still nice to go out anyways. In this last year a lot of stuff have happened so I thought this year might be worth celebrating. 

So on saturday, I had planned to go to this japanese Izakaya in town which has a very cool real izakaya decor ! I had invited a few friends to come have fun with me. The food was good, we had good fun ! 

One of my friends was also back from a short stay in Japan so I got some yummy goodies ! 

Classic but good treats ! 
She also brought me back some very adorable socks that I had asked for :) 

My other friend offered me a Sephora Gift Card, which is always welcome, because Sephora is heaven. And then after some fun, discussions and much food, we of course wanted some dessert, and went to get some frozen yogurt ! 

All these delicious calories <3 

We had fun ! Everyone went home after our dinner, and I'm really glad my friends came and enjoyed their evening <3 I had to go sleep well as my family was coming over the next day, and that usually promises some needed energy. 

My parents arrived with my sister after lunch time and came in to chat a little, while my dad installed my birthday gift.... An air conditioner *_* so now I can survive summer without becoming a little sweat puddle ! So exciting. 

After that was done, we went downtown to walk around a little before dinner, and I ended up going into a hip-hop store with my sister (she's into hip-hop and all this kind of stuff can you believe it ahaha) and we checked out shoes and other things ! Then we walked down to the port to go eat at the restaurant, Zibo. I didn't know about it until my sister told me she tried it in her city, so we went at the one location in my city. And the food. It was amazing ! 

I shared this amazing shredded duck poutine entree with my mom, and it was glorious. The sauce was a little peppery and the duck was great. I loved it ! And for my meal I got a terriyaki noodles sauté that was as great as the rest. My parents didn't leave too late as they had 3 hours worth of driving to go back home, but I was OK with that as I had work early the next morning. 

Overall I had a nice birthday week-end. It's still overwhelming thinking I just turned 26. I just don't like thinking about my age at all. Anyways, I suppose I don't have a choice ! 

Soon I'll post pictures of recent shopping and the new Moi-même-moitie collection as well ! :) 



Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Cut out Wings 2.0 - Review

You would have told me even 6 months ago I would be checking out the adidas website to try and pick up a pair of sneakers, I would have laughed straight at your face. But that was my reality two weeks ago when a friend showed me the new model of Jeremy Scott winged sneaker design at adidas. My size wasn't available and their website wouldn't ship to Canada, so I ended up in an adidas store asking the staff about their beautiful winged shoes. My story ended up with a quick look up on Ebay to try and find new ones, which I did, in my size, and now they have arrived ! Let's take a look !

I had small doubts I wouldn't get real Jeremy Scott x Adidas shoes since you can never know the reputation of a seller on Ebay, but I took a chance and threw my money at the first legit seller with good reviews that had the cut-out model in my size that shipped in Canada. And I totally don't regret it ! 

They took about one and a half week to arrive and I was really wishing that they would be the right size ! I wasn't certain if they were in men size since the details were not specific on the adidas website but they are indeed in men size. So I went with 8.5 hoping they would in the worst case be a little too large and not too small. And they are perfect ! 

They are so nice ! They look bomb. The wings are just large enough to be really impressive, but they don't affect walking at all. The shoes are also light and easy to walk in. The transparent plastic parts are a little stiff (it's plastic after all) but the open cut out sides make them breathable and very cool looking. I can't wait to wear them out today ! 


Hopefully they will stand the reputation of adidas of being nice constructed shoes and they will be worth their price and will last a while :) I'm so happy ! 

This week-end I'm going out for my birthday with friends and family so I'll post pictures later this week ! I'm definitely wearing these babies out tonight so I'll try to snap an outfit picture ! 



May 2-3 Week-end Trip - Toronto

When the quite popular MUJI store opened its doors in Toronto last year, me and my friend jokingly said we should go down there to go shop. Well, it ended up we actually planned to go spend two days for a nice week-end in Ontario's capital city ! So here is how our week-end went !