Lolita Blog Carnival - Out of Style Coordination

This week, for Lolita Blog Carnival, the theme was not to choose an out of style piece and coordinate it, but to coordinate a dress in another sub-style than it's original style (making a gothic coordinate out of a sweet dress, for example.) Here we go !


Shopping ! (again)

As my Lolita Plans for 2015 said, I wanted to focus on buying only items I really wanted, because my money is tight, and because occasions when I can wear more lolita clothes are becoming quite rare these days. 

But I failed. Well, not completely, as I recently got two items I had been searching for for a long time. 

A friend from France was selling her very gorgeous velvet rose headband from Moitie, so I got it ! I like the headbands a lot, since you don't have to bother tying the laces under your chin or under your hair, and that you can also change the headband if needed. (I often have to, as the headbands Moitie uses are quite small for my head, and end up giving too much pressure behind my ears, and hurt after some hours.) The tulle is so soft <3 Sadly though, with this Xth headdress box to put in my drawer closet, I have no room anymore ! I had to move boxes around to fit it.... Ahahah. 

Then an auction popped up with the EGA arm covers, for almost half the original price ! I quickly asked a SS to grab them for me, and I won the auction. They are absolutely gorgeous, but as I anticipated, my big arms will not fit in it. Well, they could, because the lacing up is "open" (you can untie it and open it as large as needed) but that often breaks the look of it. I will need to experiment with it and see if I can wear them more open, but if I don't like the result, I will sell them again, even if it breaks my heart.... 

I've been thinking, even though I keep shopping endlessly to forget how bored I am, that I should really clean my closet. I mean by that, checking everything, and really considering selling part of my wardrobe and accessories. As I previously talked about, I gained a very big amount of weight in the past year, and I doubt I will loose it fast enough to justify keeping all of these dresses in here, that I can't even think of trying on anymore. I also have some offbrand rings, headflowers, etc, that I just don't use or wear at all, so maybe I'll give them to girls who want them in my comm, or just give them to a charity shop/throw them away. I have a few items I think of selling, because I logically can tell I won't wear it because of my weight or because it was an impulse buy, but I really have an emotionnal attachement to my items, as I feel they are my identity. I don't have much except for my EGL collection of things that I relate to anymore, so giving pieces of it away really scares me. Anyways.... 

After all this babbling, I also got something else, just today ! When I can afford a piece of furniture to place all my decorative collection items (Moitie teddy bear, a rose I got at a Moi dix mois show thrown by Mana, my concert tickets, my Madoushos, etc...), I'll be glad I have all this stuff to put in it but for now it will go on my Mana altar (top of my desk...ahaha). 

I had been searching for it for a long time, but I always saw it at around 40$ in auctions without shipping or SS fee, so of course that's a crazy price to pay for a glass I will not use. But Tokyo Alice just recently updated new items and that was one of them, so I quickly sent a mail order for it ! It's my favorite one as well. There is another tall glass with the Holy Stained Glass print over it, but it's plain transparent glass. I really like the frosty blue effect on this one, so I'm glad I got it ! It will go with my Mana Mâtin cup <3 


Lastly, this week with Lolita Blog Carnival our theme will be to create a coordinate with a dress in another style than its original lolita sub-style ! I've chosen a dress that might be harder to coordinate than I thought... I hope you'll like it ! 



Valentine's Day Lolita Meet-up

Yesterday, for Valentine's Day, me and a friend organized a small meet-up for our community, to enjoy Valentine's day together and to have excuses to go all out on themed outfits !


Lolita Blog Carnival - Lolita Plans for 2015

This week I come by with new which I'm very excited about ! I was just accepted as a member of the Lolita Blog Carnival (Tumblr /Facebook) bloggers group ! Every week, we get a topic to chat about and link to each other's blog posts so people can go around the carroussel and read many different opinions on the same topic, related to lolita ! I'm not sure if I will participate every week, as some of the topics might not fall under things that I'm too much into, but I'll do my best, so stay tuned :) 

This week's topic is ...... 


Moi-même-moitié - Spring collection reserves 2015

Like every mid-febuary for the past decade+, the Gothic&Lolita Bible publishing day is drawing near, and that means..... a new collection at Moi-même-moitié ! Follow me !

Since last night, 00:00 ~ midnight, Japan standard time, the reservations have been open for the new items of the spring collection. (Items will come in at the end of Febuary !)

Let's check the new items together ! 



My last entries have been quite filled with different ideas and things, but I feel it only represents how my life feels at the moment. I'm trying to overcome many things at the same time, so I do end up not having one thing to talk about. Once things settle down, or that I go to activities such as our upcoming Lolita Meeting for Valentine's Day, I'll be able to work on entries that have a more complete feeling to them. Today won't be different though, for now.

I've been really sick for the past week. Cough, stuffy nose, aching body, fatigue, it all came down on me at once. Even though I had to go to work still, I could rest well and this week-end my body has been showing progress and I might get out of this sickness this week. Meanwhile, I've been taking care of myself and resting a lot ~

Since last time I received my Moitie items I had been waiting for. These have been dream items for a long time, so I'm glad I could get them finally. 

I received my last dress from Russia ! I love buying from the international community and getting items from so many different countries. I have dresses that traveled many countries through even ! I also liked the box in which the dress was sent. A very pretty blue color with cool postal service design on it. 

The seller was very nice. She even added a small surprise with my dress ! She sent these chocolate from a chocolate museum. I enjoyed them ! I really like the very small things sellers sometimes send along with their item, even if it's only a small thank you note ! I try to send some as well when I can.  

And this is the magnificent piece. You'll have to excuse the picture, as my bed is dark blue, my room not well lit, and the dress entirely black.... Doesn't help in trying to take a nice photograph. The dress is just amazing. The fabric is a very very light chiffon (the dress itself barely weights anything !) The sleeves are transparent, and the elbow lenght makes it looks like a darkness princess gown. I thought, since I am a plus size lolita, that the lacing at the front would maybe look wonky because of the shirring + lacing, but the sides of the lacing front have boning in them, to keep it straight ! Moitie just knows how to make everything absolutely holy-level perfect. 

I also got my Candelabra bag ! If I'm not mistaken I got it from Yahho!Auctions at a good price. However, the price kind of reflected its condition.... The metal part at the top has clear worn feeling and the fabric, which kind of feels like suede.. ? Has places where it's less soft than other parts. I think it adds charm to the color of the bag, but it's clearly not a "as new" item. In this picture you can see the cross charm as well, but it didn't come with it (it does come with it originally, but my item didn't have it). I'm just lucky to have another bag from Moitie (fake fur and rose bag) that has the same charm, so I can just change it from bag to bag when I want to wear one or the other. It also has a lot of room and is very stiff so it stands well on itself. There are also 3 pockets inside of it, so it's very practical. Moitie never stops impressing me. <3 

And then, since I was sick, in some dark mood and needed to change my mind, I decided to try and work on the sketch/drawing I had started some weeks ago. I wanted to make it for Mana's birthday, but I'm not sure I won't finish it in time. I hope it turns out ok when it is colored and finished. Maybe some of you will understand the meaning if I tell you the two butterflies are a blue Morpho Melenaus, and a red Scarlet Mormon...... O_~ The flowers have been inspired by songs like Lilac of Damnation. I will probably end up sending it to Mana/showing it to him somehow, but it would have been nice to send him for his birthday. Anyways, I'll show progress when I do get more done ! 

So I'll continue working hard to get out of this abyss of the last days, and give news soon. I hope you are all feeling well.