Moi-même-moitié - Spring collection reserves 2015

Like every mid-febuary for the past decade+, the Gothic&Lolita Bible publishing day is drawing near, and that means..... a new collection at Moi-même-moitié ! Follow me !

Since last night, 00:00 ~ midnight, Japan standard time, the reservations have been open for the new items of the spring collection. (Items will come in at the end of Febuary !)

Let's check the new items together ! 

Mana had shown peaks of one of the new items, both on his blog and on his Twitter recently, so we had to impatiently wait for the beautiful dress to pop-up on reservation last night. And so it did ! 

Hopefully, we can see the G&LB pictures soon ! (Usually Febuary 22~25th). Sadly, the dress currently doesn't appear on Moitie's website as we speak, because it was earlier published on the shop's page with a wrong price indicated, so I figured they might have taken it down for a short while to correct the mistake. You can still check out the online shop to see if it's back ! It comes in only one color, the "Monochrome Rose" style.

36,000 yen 

It seems the waist has room to spare, so that's good news for the plus size lolitas out there that like to get pieces from Moitie. But it seems the flower pattern and fabric is quite similar to last summer's blue rose print OP, and lacks in details in my opinion. Moi-même-moitie often relies on special lace and quality fabric to make their price worth it, but since it's simplicity and similarity to other dresses, it might be a little expensive to consider. 

Then, comes two new blouses, one more EGA, the other one tending more to EGL style. 

EGA blouse :  20,520 yen
EGL Cutsew : 17,280 yen

The EGA blouse is also available in women's size, but the picture isn't shown on the website, as it is only a flat. There isn't difference except that it's a little smaller, more adjusted at the waist, and buttons the other way (like most things men/women !) And if the flat drawing is clear, the jabot seems detachable and buttons in the back of the neck, so that makes for a versatile shirt ! It's only available in the color shown, in a cute cotton navy flowery pattern. 

The EGL blouse is quite classic from Moitie, as a lot of their top designs are similar in their high neck, flare body with simple lace wrists. This time it's the original cross arch lace. The blouse is available in many colors, including all black and all ivory, as well as black with blue, silver or gold lace ! (Mana wears the black/silver one in the GLB photoshoot if I can see well) The color scheme is reminiscent of the blouse that came up with the Divine Cross print series, so you can maybe go back to see the Divine cross (holy cross lace) items to check the colors to make-up your mind !  This blouse is also an item interesting for larger chested ladies out there.... ;) 

And finally ! The long awaited print series. Moitie usually comes up with at least one new print every season (or almost). 

~ Frame Cross Print~ 

I must admit I'm a little disapointed with the name of the print ? If I'm not mistaken, the frame cross print does already exists..... 

Anyone remembers ? 

Anyways, I do love the print a lot. I like the combination of the Putti (not cherub ! They are different things), the nice frames, lettering in the banderoles and the crosses in between. I tried to check out if these Putti were from any specific painting, but I couldn't find any source on it. Except that maybe the one on the far left is a reference to "Homo Bulla Est" ? I cannot be certain of it. But once again, the design of the dress lacks in originality. The prints are usually fantastic with Moitie, but it seems they have a certain limit of conception patterns limited to 5-6 designs that they use again and again, changing only the printing on it.... Or maybe it's just me ? 

...... Still just me ? Yeah, I doubted that. 

I can't complain about the fact that these two designs (Monochrome Rose and Frame Cross) will fit larger sizes (like myself), but it makes me tired of always having to settle down for the same shape of dress. Why not a JSK that offers a nice boned front, or nicely cut front, with full back shirring instead ? There are so many options. 

The series is offered in three types, shirring JSK (shown up here ^ - 31,320 yen ), a simple back lacing JSK (similar to Iron Gate JSK - 32,400yen), and high waisted back lacing short skirt (Same style as Holy Queen print skirt - 23,760yen). It's also available in many colors ! Ivory with both gold and silver prints (similar to Silent Moon), black with silver or gold, and blue with silver print (shown up here ^ ) The fabric seems also similar to Holy Queen dress (for the blue fabric) and the black fabric looks like the Divine cross JSK Sendai Edition fabric. I can't be sure because I didn't touch it, but that's how it looks on the stock pictures, so my addict eye tells me ! I hope this info helps people who are thinking into buying this new dress. It's the best I can do ! 

It's all they had for this new collection ! Now that I see the new print, I kind of wish they had Putti accessories like earrings or a pendant with it. Anyways ~ I'll wait for the summer collection to pop up in may to get my fix of Moitie shopping ! 

What do you think of this new collection ? Excited ? Disapointed ? 
Are you reserving anything ? 
For my part, I'll be waiting for the scans to come in, to admire 
these pieces where they belong. 
Far from my wallet, on Mana, in the G&LB ! 


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  1. Je ne suis ni déçue mais pas emballée pour autant :
    Les collections roses, on commence a en avoir un peu trop : même theme d imprimé, même forme et tissu
    L'imprimé on dirait vraiment la holy queen, le tissu a l'air identique en plus, il n'est pas agréable au toucher (rugueux), j'aime juste qu'on puisse avoir du blanc
    J'aime qu'il y ait eu un effort sur les bretelles de la jsk (dentelle) car ça commençait être du foutage de gueule ce manque de détail...heureusement le prix est sympa sur cette collection
    Je vais attendre avant de commander, j'aimerai bien la jupe en blanc x noir mais bon je ne sais pas si je la porterai ...je préfere attendre qu on voit ce que ça donne porté ^^

  2. I was a little bit disappointed by this collection. I bought the Frame Cross corset JSK in gold x black and it's very beautiful, but it is so similar to Holy Queen and the older Frame Cross print (which I also have...)