Spring 2014 Moi-même-moitie haul

So as spring comes, I always receive tax refund money, combined with birthday money,
that I get to spend however I please. This year, my dress needs for an event, as well as
wishlist items continuously popping out everywhere led me to do the biggest haul
I probably ever did ! 


I've been shopping for the past 2 months, and received items along the way.
The items I ended up getting in my 2 month haul : 
- Blue Rose Tulle OP
- Velvet Ribbon OP
- Blue Rose print OP
- Logo Coffin Bag
- Vampire Brand Teddy Bear
- Fur and Roses scarf (not pictured, not yet arrived !) 


Every season I try to have some funds available when the Gothic&Lolita Bibles comes out
so I can check the new collection at Moi-même-moitié, and choose items to get !
Very seldom do I not find anything I like, but sometimes I just cannot get everything.
So this time I would have purchased quite a few items, but I knew I couldn't
so I ended up only putting up the new Blue Rose Print in reservation. Blue roses
really are my thing.
The print picture really shows the real print colors ! The blue, green and ivory are very vibrant !
It will still be easy to coordinate though, because the bottom of the dress and ribbon
are still of the same famous Moitie blue. It's a very light, sheer, and lovely dress ! 

薔薇の青い、グリーンがすごく綺麗で、Moitie Blueもういるので

As you can see, I do like blue roses a lot !
I wanted this dress for such a long time. In fact, I acquired the bag when I was still in college
about 6 years ago ! I kept searching for the dress, until someone was selling it
back in may. It was very much a dream to finally find it. The fabric and print are both
just wonderful. It's hard to wear for me, as it is so white and visible, but
I don't plan to sell this dress so soon.


Another precious wishlist item !
I previously owned the white version of this dress when I was living in Japan in 2010 and
I had the chance to wear it when I met Moi dix mois for an autograph session in Shibuya.

Moi dix moisのサイン会へ着まして、本当に美しいワンピース
だと思いました。でも、Silent Moon プリントの発売が行ったと、このドレス

Sadly, since it was white, I decided to sell it when the Silent Moon print came out
so I could get the new print series. But I liked this dress so much it haunted me !
So I started searching for the black one, and once again, this year, I could find it !
I'm very glad it came back to me. 


The holy grail of the bags. 
I never really looked at the bat bag too much, it just wasn't too interesting for me.
But I knew this bag went for crazy amounts of money as it was so rare. 
A shopping service saw it at Closet-Child and noticed me, and even though
it was scuffed, I decided to purchase it because I can definitely
forgive some scuffs on a bag that is something close to 10 years old. 
The only thing I noticed that was lacking, is that since it opens vertically and the flap
opens down, it should have had some straps inside to keep the bag from opening
all the way down/too wide and break. I think I will have to be careful when I open it
so it doesn't break open. 


Another collection item ! 
The precious Moi-même-moitie teddy bear ! 
I really didn't expect it to be so stiff and high quality. 
I thought it would be just a stuffed animal kind of thing, but it's almost like a doll !
He's really stiff, and you can rotate his head a little, his arms, and also his
legs so you can make him sit down ! 
He has such lovely details too. In the box there is a small card for the
bear identification, the inner fabric is a silky royal blue lining. 
Under the teddy's foot there is the Moi-même-moitié logo too !
He's wearing a white vampire cape ! 
The box is also very very lovely. It could be compared to the Living Dead Dolls
coffin box, except the cover has the Moitie design on it
(just like the plastic cover has)
It's already on my "Mana shrine" on my desk with many other items ! 


Then, I didn't just receive it yet but.... 

I'm also finally waiting for this last item. 
I have the fur handbag with the same rose brooch style, so I always wanted
this scarf a lot for winter. I'm excited to get it ! 

I also got one item that is not from Moi-même-moitié ! It's my first dress from 
another brand since so many years. 
It is an Atelier Boz dress ! 
I have a similar asymetrical hem one from Moitie, so I thought I could enjoy
this one. And I do ! The fabric of the skirt is heavy, the mesh layers are very flowy
and lovely. It's a long dress too, so kind of new in my wardrobe ! 


I hope you enjoyed my haul post ! Collectionning Moi-même-moitie is
mainly what I do, I really am a big fan of this brand, and it's always fun to share
my new findings ! 

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  1. it's all so perfect *o*

  2. My nose is bleeding in front of all of this beautiful things ! What a perfect Moitié haul <3 ~

  3. oh my, your dedication to just one brand is really incredible! I love moitie's aesthetic too but i find myself bored with just wearing one sort of lolita or one or two colorways and so i ended up selling some of my collection to venture to other styles and brands. I find it very cool that you do not get bored! I adore the rose print items the most, i also have the same rose tule set but wish i could find the dress in black in my size because i think i'd wear it much more. <3 J

  4. your moitie collection is always impressive *o* but i love your mana shine the best♥ it looks amazing and honestly everytime i see this blue, i think of you xD