Summer Vacation Blog Day 1 - Lolita Ask

I am finally in holidays ! I took a full week off work this week,
because I really need a break to rest, and take time for myself.
I decided to post a blog update everyday for this week, to keep me busy and motivated
 through the week.
So I am starting today with a suggestion from followers on Tumblr, by answering the 

First of all, I must start off by saying that I'm not too sure I consider myself a lolita.
Maybe it's because I never liked the connotation of the word, maybe because
I feel like it is more related to the sweeter styles, or more old-school feeling of it.
I consider myself more a gothic person, that needed a touch of cute and different
feel to my style, which seemed to be what Lolita offered me.
But I also think tags don't really matter as far as style goes. You wear clothes
for yourself, that represent yourself. For me, I don't really feel like sticking the
{lolita} tag to it feels right, so I don't. 
To an extent, gothic lolita is what I am.

Here we go ! 

1. What is your handname (Name only used for online purposes) ?


2. About how long is your history in lolita ? 

About 10 years ! 

3. What first motivated you to wear lolita fashion ? 

The missing part of myself that I didn't quite understand that felt suddenly filled with warmth as I saw a video of Malice Mizer and encountered Mana and his universe 10 years ago. 

4. After discovering lolita fashion, have you had any time-gap or resistance before you actually started ?

Not really. It went very gradually, as I was at that time more of a "plain gothic" teenager. I just gradually got poofier skirts, started to wear pigtails, high socks more, and it went from there. 

5. Please define your lolita style. 

Simply EGL. Gothic Lolita. Sweet makes me incredibly uncomfortable, and classical isn't much for me. Gothic is what I always have been. 

6. How many lolita friends do you have ?

I had more when I joined the local communities and online groups some years ago, but due to many of us getting older and growing out of it, I would say I only have one friend that dresses "lolita" still (of my IRL friends), and I have a handful of online lolita friends (both that I met, and didn't yet met). 

7. What is the best thing about wearing Lolita ? 

I find myself in a place I want to be. Somewhere else. 

8. What is the worst thing ? 

Being cut by elastics, restrained breathing due to restrained sizes, and also that it is very hard to wear in intense weather conditions (would it be very warm, or very cold). Basically, suffering to look cute as hell. 

9. Which Lolita brands do you like ? 

Moi-même-moitié is my one and only, will have my soul in poorness or wealth, for eternity. Amen. 

10.  What is the first lolita item that you owned ? 

I am not sure, as this was so many years ago. I think it was a lucky pack black shirring OP from Métamorphose. (apart from hand-made items I had made before that).  

11. What is the must have lolita item ? 

Versatile shoes. (Of a versatile color/that will match most of your outfits) 

12. Do you wear drawers ? 

No, not anymore. It doesn't fit the style I am looking to achieve anymore. I like their look though, depending on the outfits and in old-school type coordinates. 

13. Do you have any favorite japanese music ? 

If Mana plays, I stays. 
But for real, I like Malice Mizer and Moi dix mois, as well as some other bands like Art Cube, or Dir en Grey as well. 

14. Where do you go dressed as lolita ? 

Usual outing with friends to go eat, or shopping. Nothing too special. 

15. How many times a week do you wear lolita ?

Right now, my work doesn't allow me to wear it much, as I have a uniform. And summer just doesn't motivates me to put on my dresses on my sticky sweaty body. So as of now, once a month maybe. In the winter, it's usually once a week or so. I would like to have a work place where I could at least incorporate my clothes into a business acceptable look, at least. 

16. Please tell us about one embarrassing story that you had happened to you in lolita. 

Sadly I cannot recall any embarrassing story. (???)

17. What hairstyle and color do you think fits lolita best ? 

Long straight black hair with bangs. But I like hairstyle change, so I like wigs too (no split color wigs, not clip in pigtails wigs. I can't stand these.)

18. Have you ever thought of stopping/leaving lolita ? 

Yes, but I think it was just a feeling of guilt about buying expensive clothes I barely wear. But I know I couldn't just leave it entirely. It's a small part of me, but a very important one. 

19. Please tell us what you consider your Lolita Bible. 

The first Gothic & Lolita Bible was absolutely extraordinary. Also, Mana's Magnifique photobook. Pure EGL perfection on every page. 

20. Do you own a doll ? Tell us your feelings about it. 

I do not own one. I am not a fan of dolls. 

21. What kind of makeup do you wear when you wear lolita ? 

I wear the same kind of make-up in and out of lolita, mostly. You could say it's a modified and toned down version of a "Mana style" shadow and eyeliner with cut crease, with colors varying depending on the outfit. 

22. Have you ever secretly changed clothes in a public bathroom or train station ? 

I haven't. I have to be at home to be sure I don't forget anything and can verify if it looks as perfect as I want it before stepping a foot outside. I have went to a friend's house with a dress 1/3 non zipped but fully dressed in lolita so my friend could zip it for me for an event.... (ahaha). 

23. Are you composed when in lolita all by yourself ? 

I am most composed if I am alone. I play the ghost in the outside public. 

24. How much do you spend on lolita monthly ? 

I vastly depends. Some months it's nothing or barely anything, other months it will max out my credit card/savings. So from 0$ to over 800$. 

25. What is the most expensive item you have bought so far ? 

With no doubt my Moi-même-moitié winter coat. With all fees in, I paid around ~900$. I bought it new, so I have no complaints. 

26. So far, how much have you spent on lolita goods ? 

I am not sure what is being counted as goods. Are we talking about "other" items from brands ? (Like plates, glasses, mugs, pamphlets etc etc ?) I would say slightly over 500$ ? 

27.  Lolita outfits really cost money. How do you afford your lolita ? 

I work. And save money. Or sell older dresses to get new collections. But I just work and save. 

28.  Have you ever bought from an online store ? If yes, tell us its good and bad points. 

CDJapan : ++ Yes. Easy to use, fast shipping, easy communication. / - - danger of customs fees, sometimes stock innacurate (sold out things still marked as available, etc) 
Tokyo Alice : ++ Extremely fast communication, fast shipping, efficient packaging, easy to use (*best imo*)
Closet-Child : A little harder to use for international customers. Danger of customs. If not, it's alright. 

29. Even if you want to keep it a secret, tell us a private manufacturer that is the best. 

I never ordered from any manufacturer outside brands, or closet-child (such as Taobao stores, or replica stores). I cannot tell. 

30. Is there a brand item that you keep thinking "I can never have it ! But I still want it !" 

Yes. The Moi-même-moitié gigantic mary jane 16cm high platform shoes. My feet are too big for even the largest size (that I believe is 24.5cm). I still weep in my handkerchief everytime I see them anywhere. I might settle down one day for one pair of the EGA ankle boots with the same platform. 

31. What do you think about people who only wear lolita at concerts/lives or that do it for cosplay ? 

For cosplay, isshhh. I'm not too sure about that. I'm not too fond of it. It's a case by case thing.
As for only for concerts or lives, that's ok.

32. From what age do you think it is acceptable to wear Lolita ? Do you think one eventually has to graduate from lolita ? 

I think around 15 or 16 is fine. I would encourage the new lolita to save up for her clothes and spend intelligently, as I would do with any person that age with any expensive hobby.
As far as graduation goes, I feel like after a while, you have to just tone it down. Especially for sweeter styles, I believe it grows more costumy with age. But that is just my opinion from a gothic point of view. As far as I am concerned, I like when older lolitas grow towards a more otome style (for classics) or simpler gothic style, out of their lolita styles. I would have trouble looking at a 38 year old person in a Sugary Carnival coordinate.

33. Is there something you think a lolita shouldn't do ? 

Well, I would say do drugs/smoke pot or drink heavily, but that is something I don't like in all people, lolita or not. I just think being dressed as we are just would bring a stereotype that we dress like "weirdos" because we are drugged and/or drunk and/or reckless teenagers. But except from that, I can't think of anything. 

34. Is there something you think that a lolita ought to do ? 

Having good hygiene. In general. But again, that just goes for everyone. But especially lolita. (Taking into consideration that I would not put my gross body inside a 500$ dress, nor would I put a 100$ hair accessory in my greasy hair, etc....And also thinking that lolita is strongly related to second-hand clothes market.... Gross.) 

35. Since you started lolita, has anything changed from before you started wearing it ?

Coordination skills went up by 10 000 

36. Do you go to school/work as lolita ? 

I used to wear lolita to school/university. But I have a work uniform now, so I don't. 

37. Do you wear lolita clothes as casual wear ? 

Considering half my wardrobe is made up of mostly black brand dresses, sometimes I'll just put one "little black dress" to do a more casual outing. So I suppose yes. 

38. What people around you think of lolita ? Do they accept it ? 

My mom doesn't like that it is so expensive and she thinks that "I have enough clothes". She isn't crazy about it getting attention when we are out in public. My father doesn't really care, he's neutral about it. My friends accept it. 

39. Do you have a boyfriend or husband ? Do you understand each other ? 

I am not in a relationship. 

40. What kind of lolita has impressed you the most up until now ? 

The white face, spiked pigtail hair, dark lips, leathery~velvet style, very gothic style of the early Moi-même-moitié photoshoots with Mana in the GLB still strikes a cord of my heart everytime I think about it and makes it go ~dokidoki~. I'm serious. Old school white face gothic lolita Mana is my raison d'être. 

41. Have you ever made your own accessories or lolita clothes ? What was the best item that you made ? 

I have made a few dresses in high school with the help of my mom. I also made bonnets (that weren't ~that~ good, but well done still). I also was in fashion design school, so I did some final dresses as my graduation project. One of the dresses in this collection is my favorite I made. 

42. If you have an ideal coordinate or outfit, please tell us. 

I aspire to be and look like this 100% and then my life would be complete. 

43. Is there a motif that you think "this is a sample of lolita" ? 

44. Would you want to dress your children as lolita ? 

I do not want children. But if I did, no. If they wanted to, I would let them. But I wouldn't dress them as lolita. 

45. What is your image of the ideal lolita ? 

This person, my friends. Yes. 


I hope you enjoyed ! 

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